Our Brand Story


Welcome to Leaf and Earth!

We are a plant-powered wellness brand committed to cultivating quality of life through our thoughtfully curated selection of natural products. With a vision of becoming the premier online marketplace for trusted, high-quality organic solutions, we’re on a bold mission to make the power of plants accessible and affordable to all.

Our products are developed to meet the needs of a wellness-focused community who proactively maintain a balanced lifestyle and firmly believe in preventive health. We trust that Mother Nature knows best, which is why we take her lead when it comes to staying healthy. We understand that our products have a significant impact on both the wellbeing of our customers and the health of our beautiful planet. That’s why we prioritise 100% natural ingredients and materials for our products and packaging.

Making a commitment to a healthier lifestyle is a conscious and meaningful choice so we do everything in our power to support our customers in their efforts to achieve optimum health and vitality.

Our Philosophy

In an effort to make natural wellbeing accessible, affordable and convenient, we offer high-quality, natural and organic products that do not have long lasting detrimental effects on the Earth. We are dedicated to learning from nature and from our Leaf and Earth community and keep these lessons at the forefront of our product development. In this way, we are constantly evolving and improving our offering. Leaf and Earth strives to make an indelible impact on the planet and its people by using our platform to raise awareness around environmental issues and to contribute to worthy conservation causes worldwide.

Our Commitments

Quality - Making the switch to natural and organic products should not require a compromise on luxury. We go to great lengths to manufacture a wide selection of premium-quality health and wellness products from first class organic ingredients, never settling for anything but the best.

Passion -Our calling is to share our knowledge and provide our community with the resources they need to become discerning and conscious consumers. Our passion for the healing potential of plants, for our customers and for our growing business, pushes us to strive for greatness in every aspect of our work.

Consistency - Quality only matters if it is consistent. We strive to give our customers peace of mind when they shop online by subjecting all of our products to stringent testing in order to achieve our consistently first-class standards.

Affordability - By offering our products at reasonable prices, we are closing the gap between the average consumer and what can appear to be an unattainable wellness goal. We believe that natural wellbeing should be shared with everyone who wishes to pursue it and are, therefore, committed to keeping our prices fair and accessible.

Planet-Conscious - We are dedicated to protecting our planet's natural gifts. We remain committed to vegan formulas and embrace a production process that reduces waste and incorporates recyclable materials. Our product range is designed to enable our customers to start their journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle and future.